Building young deciples…The future of the church

At St James we have a vibrant youth ministry that is growing and evolving. We believe that todays youth are vital in God’s kingdom now and are the future of the church. We are driven to create an environment where youth are able to be who they are and find who they are in Christ, being free to worship Him.

We have two main youth groups on Sunday. Discover more and be part of a growing youth ministry…

  • The Boat

    The Boat is a highly energetic, Sunday event for young people ages 11 to 14. Each week includes an interactive discussion with different speakers, worship and prayer. Also amazing games, four – square, Mario Kart and snacks.

  • Resonate

    Resonate is a Sunday event where young people ages 15 – 18 can go deeper with life and faith through teaching, worship and prayer. Also includes amazing games, snacks and time to chill out with friends.


For more information about Reflections, speak to our staff team on
01753 883 311

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